The 9 Best Outerwear That Only Cool Girls Wear

Cool girls need clothing that emphasizes their style even in the great outdoors, clothes that can be between formal and informal. These are 9 products of outwear and jeans that only cool girls can wear.

Stretch denim may not exactly be denim but it looks and feels like it. Not just that, it allows all women to feel comfortable in their size and in their own skin, not feeling the need to force a size zero jean. Grab yourself a pair for only $68.00.

This is the type of jacket you’ll make up events for as an excuse to wear outside. This jacket is the best type of outwear that’ll keep you warm with its thickness and cropped style that you can pair with anything. Pick it up for just $178.00.

This may be a jacket for outwear but you can also wear it indoors and layer it appropriately even in warmer weather. Thanks to its length and simple warm beige coloring, this is one jacket you will never be bored of. Buy it for $98.00.

This blazer is the epitome of cool-girl thanks to its ability to be worn in formal events and nonformal gatherings. Buy it for $180.00.

This Everlane trench coat is great to outwear for any weather. Pair it with shorter clothing underneath and you’ve got a cool-girl staple. Acquire it for $148.00.

Skinny jeans already help you look so much slimmer and taller by tightly clutching onto you, but the simple and sleek design is affordable for only $78.00.

These jeans are engineered with Everlane’s happy pockets, raised higher than the typical jean pocket in order to help your tush look so much bouncier and flouncier. The semi-wide cut angle matches any casual shoe for the everyday cool girl. Buy these jeans for $78.00.

These jeans can help you achieve a bigger thigh look thanks to Everlane’s leg lift style. Casual and wide at the ankles, these jeans ar versatile and affordable at $78.00.

What else screams cool girl than mid-length denim shorts. It’s relaxed and not as much of a commitment as shorter and tighter shorts, and yet not as uptight and strict as regular length pants that will make you feel tight and obstructed. This is priced at $58.00.

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